QACE 2013

QACE is one of Queen’s School of Business’ much-anticipated conferences. I worked closely with the client to develop professional promotional materials.

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QACE 2013, 2013

Queen’s Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship Conference, or QACE for short, is one of Queen’s University’s most highly anticipated business conferences. I had the privilege of updating and refining it visually.

QACE 2013 logo

In addition to a website and updated logo, I designed facebook promotional items, and 3 prospectus booklets—for sponsors, speakers, and the social entrepreneurship challenge. The purpose of QACE is to encourage delegates to pursue their passions and dreams, with a focus on entrepreneurship.

QACE 2013 website
Website homepage.

The clean, professional layouts and colour scheme makes this brand feel uplifting and progressive. The even, confident strokes in the logo, and the academic, but friendly supporting serif typeface is a subtle detail that builds trust with sponsors, speakers, and delegates to ensure them that QACE will not disappoint. And for all those who know QACE, the frog is representative of their spirited mascot, Johnny QACE.

QACE 2013 packages
Corporate sponsorship, Keynote Speaker, and Social Entrepreneurship Challenge packages, delivered digitally.

The 2013 theme at QACE, Build Your Dream, was focused on inspiring delegates to commit their time, effort, and skills to pursue their passion.

QACE 2013 Build Your Dream
QACE’s theme of 2013: Build Your Dream.

The inspiration behind this retro look is the famous work ethic of the early 1900s. Most jobs were done by hand, and building a name for yourself was hard work. But the satisfaction found during, and especially afterward, made the effort well worth it. After completing a strenuous task, you could appraise your work and take enjoyment from it. You had reached success, and this position was earned by the work of your own two hands. The typeface used for the word “build” is based on architecture from this time period, and the row of stars represents aspirations. Finally, the word “dream” is in the shape of a well-deserved smile.