Cakes by Trista

Trista bakes all kinds of goodies. Her business, Cakes by Trista, is steadily growing and aims to please customers by continually creating delicious, homemade goods.

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Cakes by Trista, 2013

Cakes by Trista is a rapidly growing local business run by Trista Houle.

Trista prides herself on her ability to create just about every type of sweet thing you can think of. She works with you so that the finished product is not only delicious, but it’s also how you want it.

I had the privilege of doing her business’ branding for her. The smooth, flowy typography gives an impression of high-quality while the bold pink is more modern and contemporary. Trista’s creations are listed behind the logo to reinforce that she has the ability to create just about whatever you want.

Along with the logo, I created business cards, event signage, and various promotional materials.

Cakes by Trista logo
Logo with background.
Cakes by Trista logo
Logo detail.